Dangerous propaganda destroys lives…

Watching the Mad Men series on Amazon Prime – the fictional story of an advertising agency in the 1950’s – underlines just how much progress we have made as a society in the last seventy years.

Undoubtedly patriarchal and sexist – female characters are either stay-at-home wives, or working in the typing pool – it’s clear we have made great strides in gender equality since then.

Aside from the evident and alarming misogyny; all the cast are depicted as heavy smokers and light up in their office and home with impunity. Casting my mind back to the earliest days of my career in media, I can still recall the heavy toxic pall of smoke in our office and the well-worn carpet leading to the cigarette vending machine on the middle floor.

The purpose of this article is to explore how it was possible for repetitive, fraudulent propaganda in the media to convince us all that tobacco inhalation was not only not dangerous to our health but was, in fact, likely to be ‘healthy’.

How did First World countries fall for such blatant falsehood. One which resulted in chronic ill health and incalculable deaths for their citizens?

The reality is it was led by the tobacco industry and it was a hugely lucrative business. Worth millions, if not billions, in profits so it paid dividends to perpetuate the falsehood. Vested interest superseded the health and well-being of our citizens to our collective long-term detriment.

The use of their own industry doctors – willing to sell their soul and their profession down the Swanee for their 10 pieces of gold – embedded this false narrative. It was effective because most of us only look at the headlines and few beyond it. Because medical ‘experts’ were wheeled out to perpetuate the illusion; most of us assumed that it must have been true. The media never lies.

But it was not true. It was dangerous propaganda which destroyed countless lives.

My first question, therefore, is this; how many lives might have been saved had the Government acted sooner to ban adverts, remove vending machines and ultimately legislate against smoking in public places? Had they jailed the merchants of disinformation who deliberately and knowingly misled the public?

To its eternal credit, legislation to ban smoking in public places was finally instigated in the UK by the Scottish Executive (now Government) in March 2006. It took more than a year before England and Wales finally followed suit.

Of course there was a fierce backlash. There always is where vested interests are at play. Yet no-one would now question the rightness of their action nor question how many lives it saved as a result. The truth was, and remains, self-evident.

We now face another wholesale propaganda campaign which is costing countless lives and perpetuated by vested financial and ideological interest groups. So called ‘experts’ are being wheeled out to convince us of a false narrative and we are all falling for it hook line and sinker.

In this instance it starts with the proposition that domestic abuse is a ‘gendered crime’ i.e a crime perpetuated ‘overwhelmingly’ against female victims by male perpetrators.

This false assertion has been challenged twice by the UK Statistics Authority based on factual evidence – ONS /Police data. Yet the sensationalist headlines continue unabated.

The legendary Erin Pizzey – a global expert in domestic abuse and founder of Refuge – was ostracised and ejected from the very organisation she set up, for daring to speak this truth.

“Out of the first hundred women who came through our refuge doors, sixty two were as violent, if not more violent, than the men they had left behind

Erin and her small team of compassionate volunteers had to pin little notes on the children to remind their mothers not to beat them when angered.

By stating her simple truth, this amazingly courageous and compassionate woman received multiple death threats, her dog was killed and she was forced to flee the country. Despite her many years saving countless women and children, her incredible legacy and immeasurable contribution to our society, has been deliberately smeared and tarnished. Libelled and defamed. Truth and goodness extinguished.

Erin understood this simple fact. Abuse is trans-generational. Those who grow up in violent and dysfunctional households were themselves at risk of becoming either victims or perpetrators. Without therapeutic intervention, the cycle of abuse continues.

Tragically, the female perpetrator support units Erin set up to help female abusers and thus end their personal cycle of abuse, were immediately shut down when the new CEO of Refuge took over.

Erin’s explanation was a simple one: “female perpetrator support units didn’t fit their narrative that women should only ever be seen as victims- never as perpetrators”.

An explanation evidenced by Ms Horley’s momentarily unguarded comment to the Spectator.

Tragically, for the almost 800,000 male victims of domestic abuse and their children, the ‘all female victim’ narrative is now embedded deep within our collective psyche. So deep, in fact, that a member of our House of Lords, Baroness Jones, felt sufficiently emboldened as to suggest a ” 6pm curfew for all males”. No matter that the tragedy which led to this statement – the brutal murder of Sarah Everard, was by a serving police officer, presumably unencumbered by any potential curfew.

The politicisation of this young girl’s death even led to her best friend having to speak out to condemn it. She was clear it would not have been something Sarah would have wished for nor for the additional heartache it caused her grieving father and boyfriend. No one thought to ask their permission.

The lack of compassion and consideration for their intolerable position was breathtaking. The headlines were deliberately misleading. 99.9% of men do NOT kill women. In fact, the majority of deaths on our streets are men. We were, however, being whipped up into a media fervour which implied we have male killers and rapists on every street corner.

The call for rationality by brave celebrities such as Davina McCall ended in her being savaged in social media. If anyone steps out of line with the dominant feminist cult script of endemic male perpetrator aggression, woe betide them.

I’ve experienced this visceral female-led aggression, libel and defamation while attempting to raise awareness of the long-term harm caused by the alienation of a vulnerable child from a safe, loving parent, post separation.

Parental alienation is a non-gendered issue yet the false propaganda which positions it ‘only as a tool for abusive fathers to re-victimise protective mothers’ appears as compelling as that of the tobacco industry.

Any who question it using facts and evidence, can look forward to a mauling on social media. Even those like myself who almost died from life-threatening domestic abuse, yet still understand it emanated from mental health issues (paranoid schizophrenia to be precise) not ‘patriarchy’ is still fair game for refusing to comply.

No wonder most people remain silent.

Within that silence is complicity.

And those who promulgate falsehood in order to further their income / ideology or usually both, are committing a crime against humanity itself.

More specifically, their false narrative further enables alienating parents who are causing serious long-term psychological harm to their children. And, paradoxically, ongoing grief and trauma to alienated mothers.

Presumably they are acceptable collateral damage in ensuring parental alienation is not included anywhere within our Domestic Abuse Act – despite being the most brutal form of post separation abuse to ever befall a safe and loving parent.

This is not hyperbole. It’s fact.

Have you ever listened to the tragic story of an adult who was forced to relinquish a much loved parent as a child, in order to keep their other parent happy?

We have and it’s uniquely heart-breaking.

Nor is it ‘rare’ as suggested by the vocal PA deniers. An independent survey was undertaken on our behalf by the former Depute Convenor for Equality & Human Rights among young people in the Scottish Youth Parliament. The survey was also shared by Young Scot and Child 1st – leading charities who support young people.

A quarter of the respondents (sample 78) stated they “had to tell one parent they did not love them”, in order to keep their other parent happy.

We have interviewed several alienated children as adults and they all recount a similar and heartbreaking story.

As children, they were falsely told their other parent “didn’t love them”. Had “abandoned them”. Had “left them for a new family”. Was “replacing them” with a new baby.

These and many other alienating comments made them feel worthless and unloved. These child victims talk about the impact of this while growing up and often reference years of therapy to overcome their trauma:

  • Suicide ideation
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anger & frustration
  • Extreme guilt (for seemingly ‘rejecting’ a safe parent.
  • Trust issues.

Why would this be a surprise to anyone? Children attach to both parents when they are born, providing they are affectionately available. Secure parental attachments are the solid foundation for happy, healthy and emotionally resilient children.

Both parents play a critical role in their upbringing – different yet equal.The extreme feminist narrative is one which minimises the vital role of fathers. Yet millennia of evolution and, more specifically;

ten years of robust research by the UK’s leading evolutionary anthropologist, Dr Anna Machin from Oxford University, finds the attachment bond is as strong for fathers as it is for mothers.

Let’s digest this fact for one moment.

Only 5% of ‘male mammals’ are invested in their offspring and human fathers are among them.

Evolution has invested heavily in shaping men to be fathers with measurable biological, neurological, and physical changes which bond them closely to their children. They provide unique benefits that are of great value not only to their children but to our wider society.

Having two safe parents is always in a child’s best interests. Both offer a unique additional protective layer to keep their child safe, as do their wider family of grandparents and aunts, uncles, cousins on both sides.

But why let facts get in the way of the dominant extreme feminist narrative? Men are disposable. They are primarily aggressors. Only good for the donation of their sperm and the CMS payments right?


Many good fathers have had false allegations of abuse levelled against them. We can prove it. No-one is interested. The ‘believe all women’ mantra results in safe fathers – not only abusive ones – ejected from their family home and the lives of their children and threatened with jail if they so much as send a card to their own children in the interim.

The biggest problem with this default societal response when two parents simultaneously claim abuse; is the father is always the one to be ejected. And on more than a few occasions, this has resulted in the death of their children because no-one believed them.

We will be covering these tragic stories in greater depth to help raise understanding that abuse – like parental alienation itself – is not a gendered crime.

According to Serious Case Reviews (i.e factual evidence from a coroner) more children have actually been killed by mothers than biological fathers.

Does this make mothers more inherently dangerous to their children? Of course not. Most parents of either gender would lay down their lives to protect their children.

What it does, however, is shine a bright light on the extreme feminist propaganda that positions safe fathers as a threat.

And hammers another nail, literally, into the coffins of innocent children who paid the price for gender biased propaganda with their life.

We will be following this article up with compelling evidence of how the recent Channel 4 Dispatches programme. ‘Torn Apart’ was positioned to embed this flawed and biased narrative and countering dangerous misinformation carried recently in the Guardian.

It is our collective duty and moral responsibility to speak out against any narrative which harms people.

It took a long time for the Government to finally take action against the well-funded tobacco industry – in cases of parental alienation – keeping children safe demands immediate action.

If other enlightened countries can legislate against it, it should be relatively simple for our own Government, Ministers and MPs to stand up now and be counted.