Hidden victims of parental alienation

With kind permission from an alienated mother (from Matchmothers)

“My ex-husband and I had an acrimonious divorce and four years in court over the residency of our children.

I lost and then my ex-husband refused me contact with our eldest son. For TEN long years, we had no contact. No recognition of any of my letters and presents.

I was told only that he ‘did not want to see me’. 

Contact with the other two was sporadic and they refused to tell me anything about their older brother. He also had no contact with any of my family and gave no reason for it.

In court, my ex-husband assured the Judge that he “was trying to encourage our son” but that wasn’t true. Contact never happened.

One day, out of the blue, my son bravely contacted me and we agreed to meet in secret so his Dad didn’t find out. He still loved me and always wanted to see me but was never allowed to.

At the age of 17, his father eventually found out we were meeting but could do nothing at that point, to stop us.

What a tragic waste of his childhood

Parental Alienation was never believed”