Parental alienation is seriously damaging children in the UK …

The deliberate psychological manipulation of a child by one parent in order to fracture and, ultimately, destroy the natural attachment bond that a child has with their other parent, seriously harms children. It creates an emotional vortex many never recover from.

In the turmoil of relationship breakdown, some parents’ own emotional state blinds them to their children’s needs. A parent’s need for validation or revenge overrides their focus on the ongoing health needs of their child for the continued love and care of both parents and the child’s wider family. 

The former Chief Executive of Cafcass, Sir Anthony Douglas, got it exactly right when he stated:

“Alienation is one type of adult behaviour which causes adverse childhood experiences. At worst it is emotionally violent. This is why I have suggested that alienation is a form of child abuse. It can have as devastating an impact as physical abuse and can lead directly to the child or adolescent mental health problems”

Parental alienation is a form of family violence. Coercive control and the emotional abuse of ex-partners and children are key features of Parental Alienation. It is a criminal offence in several countries.

It is highly prevalent in the UK making it a public health issue, a mental health issue, and a legislative issue. But, more than anything else, it is a serious child protection issue.

Good Egg Safety will continue to post films by leading experts in this field to raise visibility so we can start protecting our children better.

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