Tackling parental alienation and the crucial choice of battle comrades…

We would agree with sentiments expressed in recent blogs, that it is essential any campaigns to tackle parental alienation are effective. Too much is riding on this issue to be anything but.

Which is why, after a year of research, we are yet to launch our own.

The plight of target parents too important to risk without vigorous pre campaign testing of messages to ascertain likely effectiveness.

During our research we see some who purport to have similar aims, spending an inordinate amount of time – time best spent helping those in need – taking aim at others occupying a similar space.

It’s perplexing.

Only likely answered in the context of ego overriding issue.

Not dissimilar to narcissist or BPD parents who put their needs above those of the child.

Prior to launching our campaign, we are clear of one fact. That it is essential all parents going through the court system appoint PA psychologists and psychotherapists with a proven track record. Those who can openly share with their peers the outcomes of their work in order to genuinely evidence ‘best practice’

Saying and doing are two entirely different things.

We would also encourage a proper check of qualifications or expert accreditation, otherwise it’s likely the court may dismiss your application on the basis of lack of qualification.

There are several accrediting bodies for psychotherapists and counsellors (BACP, UKCP and CPCAB). Therefore alienated parents need to contact the appropriate body, or check the register on the website, to ensure that anyone claiming to be registered or accredited, is actually telling the truth.

It might also be helpful to check for any sanctions, as you would lawyers. Previous behaviour a likely indicator of future actions.

We intend to set up a national register of suitable experts who can provide the evidence of effectiveness so vital to suffering target parents who often get only one chance to make it count.

Make no mistake. This is a battle. A battle to retain a relationship with your own children.

Like any battle, it’s essential those who fight for you, are able to ensure an effective outcome.