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Survival Guide to Parental Alienation

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It’s incomprehensible that the psychological abuse and coercive control of victim parents and, most especially their children, has remained hidden and suppressed for so long in the UK.


In Spring 2019, Good Egg Safety brought together a global Task Force of experts who generously shared their time and expertise in helping us to fully understand and explain this issue and launched a survey on one of our popular social media sites for families.


This survey was designed by an independent qualified researcher and the raw data was analysed at source by a lead academic Professor and Child Psychologist. Their names remain unpublished to protect them from the inevitable abuse Good Egg Safety subsequently received for standing up for victims and children.


The sheer volume of respondents to our survey was alarming and took us by surprise. As did the high number of victim mothers as well as fathers and wider family members.


No-one can tell us ‘parental alienation does not exist’. We have seen and heard about it daily since that time.


We launched social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter (@palienationuk) where an increasing number of alienated parents and family members connected and shared their horrific stories. They all sounded exactly the same.


We have been inspired by their bravery, their compassion for one another and their unwavering dedication in helping us to uncover this child protection scandal, and in the process to save their children from ongoing harm.


This NEW survival guide distils thousands of hours of reading and countless scientific and peer-reviewed research papers, so those suffering from this form of abuse, don’t have to.


It is designed for you, your children and for anyone who has a statutory duty to protect children from harm.


Proceeds go directly towards the development of a major campaign to raise visibility of your plight and create societal outrage.


There will soon be nowhere to hide for those who have twisted and distorted the facts about the reality of parental alienation which allows and enables your immense suffering, and that of your children, to continue.


We expect all those in public office who have tried to silence you and suppress your victimhood, to be removed from their positions.


Together we RISE

What’s included…

  • A comprehensive introduction to Parental Alienation
  • Your role as a parent
  • A child’s rights
  • The rights of a parent
  • Signs of PA
  • Alienating strategies explained
  • The facts and myths
  • Alienating behaviours and how to spot the red flags
  • Living with and understand PA
  • How to handle an alienated child
  • Your well-being and support
  • Understanding the family court system
  • Support for alienated grandparents



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