The Survival Guide to Parental Alienation

If you, or someone you love, are affected by the deliberate obstruction of child contact following separation or divorce, we understand the extreme trauma it causes.

Despite countless legal judgements in the UK recognising the serious harm caused by alienating behaviour, there is relentless disinformation stating that what you are experiencing is not real.

It has been produced with direct input from our international expert partnership (legal/clinical psychology/scientific researchers etc) and everything you firstly need to know is contained within it. 

This NEW survival guide distils thousands of hours of reading and countless scientific and peer-reviewed research papers from other countries across the world, so everything you need is in one place.

It is designed for you, your children and for anyone who has a statutory duty to protect children from harm.


What’s included…

  • A comprehensive introduction to Parental Alienation
  • Your role as a parent
  • A child’s rights
  • The rights of a parent
  • Signs of PA
  • Alienating strategies explained
  • The facts and myths
  • Alienating behaviours and how to spot the red flags
  • Living with and understand PA
  • How to handle an alienated child
  • Your well-being and support
  • Understanding the family court system
  • Support for alienated grandparents
  • NEW PLUS version with 30+ QR links to additional video


An Amazon Customer
An invaluable reference
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Split with your partner? This could be the best money you will ever spend! Whilst you probably won’t experience most of what this book contains, for those of us unlucky enough to experience some/all of it, this book will help you spot the signs and help you to deal with everything. I used to be like many others and think that people who find themselves in this type of situation must have done something that they’re not telling us. Don’t fall in to the same trap! It’s not true and it really can happen to anyone. The earlier in the divorce/separation you buy this book, the better armed you will be.
Family Court staff must read this now!
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A wonderfully written and illustrated book. The subject matter is raw to so many parents who've been pushed out of their children's lives, for no good reason at all, where solid bonds between a once much loved parent are destroyed by the parent with custody, purely by spite / jealousy. It's an hugely uncomfortable subject for many, but it needs to be discussed by us all. Children simply do not reject a good loving normal range parent after separation/divorce unless psychologically manipulated and coerced to do so, sadly it's the go to weapon for parents needing to punish the other parent, simply because the relationship failed. Reading this book will help you understand the causes, the treatments, what we can do to stop it, and help many thousands of future victims stay safe and balanced. This miserable situation which hurts so many children and parents, is discussed / explained in detail, it's beautifully written and helps us all understand this societal disgrace, which harms children intensely, leaves them deeply confused, hurt and disorientated, and can potentially damage their own life chances when they become adults themselves. This book is a MUST read for victims, professionals and the wider public. If you're a teacher, social worker, family court judge, CAFCASS worker, then this book should be in your hand, if we can all understand the dynamics of Parental Alienation, and act to stop it, so many children will thank you for helping them in future. We NEED to stop this child abuse now, for it very clearly is wanton child abuse. Save lives, understand it, help to stop it.
dizzy ms
If you think your kids are poisoned against you, you NEED this book.
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As a victim of Parental Alienation, this little handbook tells you everything you NEED to know about this abuse. The red flags to look out for, what to expect if you find yourself in the family court. How to work Cafcass, gather evidence. It's all here. It also warns you of the political agenda that wishes to silence the plight of these victims. Most importantly though, if you find yourself needing this book, it will direct you to support.
L. Moggridge
An invaluable resource
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This book does exactly what it says it does on the cover, it's a no-nonsense survival guide. I'm sure I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for this book, this book has literally saved my life. This book pulls no punches in telling you what you are up against when trying to find a way through the living nightmare that is the unnecessarily contentious subject of parental alienation. All I can say is, if you're being denied contact with your kids for no justifiable reason then buy this book.
Self care bible
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Thank you for researching and compiling this invaluable resource. When one is faced with serious relationship dysfunction, false allegations, enough to doubt oneself, and chronic grief of not being able to love and hug your living child, this book is the one which can help you see a light. These situations provide content for a PhD in psychology topic but are not generally understood by friends, family and society. This book can provide you the support, insight and empathy one needs when navigating through such a sad and utterly complicated situation.
Nick Stone
A must read
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The best advice for anyone going through this.
Mike Henstridge
A Mine of Useful Information
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I found this to be a very good source of information, with regards to the signs of parental alienation, how to deal with it, plus what to expect in the family court arena. Something like this however should not be needed, parental alienation is already a crime as its child abuse to simply stop a loving and safe parent from being with their child, but while the authorities continue to turn a blind eye, being prepared and knowing what to do is the next best thing.
Stephen T
Absolutely brilliant advice in a nice pack!
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Crucial for any parent undergoing the behaviours of parental alienation! Some great advice that every parent should know when going into the Family Courts.
A must read for alienated parents.
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Helpful in understanding you arent alone if you find yourself in the terrible situation of being separated from your children. It happens a lot more than any of us realise
Gavin Cooper
Essential guidance if you're experiencing this nightmare.
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Easy to follow, clear guidance on how to cope with this tortuous experience. Real examples from real people on what is being experienced and how to get help. PA is, quite simply, another insidious form of Child and Domestic Abuse and it needs to STOP! NOW!
Mrs. D. M. Aldridge
Parental Alienation is real
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This book is invaluable. It offers an insight into the abusive behaviours of Parental Alienation and offers guidance to coping mechanisms.
Mrs M L Skitini
Important and powerful guide...
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An essential guide for parents, families and professionals alike who have been casualties of Parental Alienation; emotional abuse.

The Survival Guide PLUS which includes over 30 additional QR links to video and resources.

The Survival Guide PLUS

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  • Quantity: One professionally printed copy
  • Pages: 108
  • Size: A5 Landscape (148mm x 210mm) 
  • Finish: Perfect bound with matt laminated cover
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Please note: Some information contained within the guide is specific to the UK.
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The Survival Guide PLUS & 2022 Study Package

  • Package details: One copy of the 108 page Survival Guide PLUS with QR linked video content and one copy of the 48 page study into Parental Alienation in the UK.
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