UK family courts are failing our children…

The UK courts are woefully ineffective in dealing with the tragedy of children who are being psychologically harmed by the ‘power and control’ dynamic commonly referred to, although greatly misunderstood, as parental alienation.

If you listen carefully to our broadcast by retired Judge, Philip Marcus, you will hear how dangerously quickly this pathogenic parenting can take hold of a young and impressionable mind.

First contact refusal (an early red flag) to complete rejection, can happen within “ three months”

Three months when it can often take longer to get the first hearing.

It’s time the judiciary got its act together; our children are being seriously harmed on your watch.

We need society to avert its focus from the target parent (victim) and instead direct its full and urgent attention on the alienating parent, whose pathological alignment with the child is most likely the root cause of unjustified and sudden rejection.

Here’s how to identify the difference:

The Five-Factor Model refers to a method for identifying parental alienation by understanding the components of this problem and includes the following criteria:  

•       Factor One: the child manifests contact resistance or refusal, i.e. avoids a relationship with one of their parents.

•       Factor Twothe presence of a prior positive relationship between the child and the now rejected parent.

•       Factor Three: the absence of abuse, neglect, or seriously deficient parenting on the part of the now rejected parent.

•       Factor Four: the use of multiple alienating behaviours on the part of the ‘favoured’ parent.

•       Factor Five: the exhibition of many identifiable manifestations of alienation by the child.

Source: Bernet & Lorandos

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